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Discussion in 'General Rock Discussion' started by Skeleton_Crew27, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. hpdork101

    hpdork101 New Member

    ha i love the : then i remembered he is gay xDD
    i have sympathy
  2. hpdork101

    hpdork101 New Member

    hm..i think they are all dead sexy xD
  3. Fear&Regret

    Fear&Regret New Member

    Davey scares me....
  4. hpdork101

    hpdork101 New Member

    i love everything about davey ^_^
  5. lizzi loves you

    lizzi loves you New Member

    omd afi rock

    but mcr are the best in the world though

    i love afi most recent song
    love like winter

    amaze and immeanse
  6. demolition

    demolition Guest

    :eek: i knew it
    that explains the make up
    but hey!! he has an amazing voice <3
  7. DaysOfThePhoenix

    DaysOfThePhoenix New Member

    Sorry if this has been asked before... but is anyone else here a member of the despair faction or the afi board?
  8. Raven Blacktear

    Raven Blacktear New Member

    ME! I haven't been on the message board for forever though.

    Anyways, yes I LOVE AFI. Sing the Sorrow is by far my favorite album, even though Decemberunderground is still amazing. ...But Home Is Nowhere, This Time Imperfect, Endlessly She Said, and Leaving Song Part 2 are my favorite songs, but I also love A Winter's Tale and Days of the Pheonix. Oh...and don't say Davey is gay, cause Davey has never actually said he was or not. He might be the straightest man ever, just has a feminine sense of dressing (by the way, Davey is awesome). I like his hair from STS better though ( am a guy and I am saying that). I really don't care, I just like the long hair better. Oh, and Jade is awesome :)

    Oh, and DaysOfThePheonix. Have they gotten any further than the secret shows in the Charolette mystery, or is it still kinda dead? Just curious, cause I haven't been on there since early summer.

    I still say that MCR is better, but AFI is my second favorite band (and trust me, it takes quite alot to be one of my favorite bands)
  9. DaysOfThePhoenix

    DaysOfThePhoenix New Member

    Whoop I'm not the only person on here!

    To me, Black Sails... And Art Of Drowning are my favourite albums. I listen to both those the most. I miss old AFI but Decemberunderground is still an ok album.
    Jade has confirmed that Davey is not gay. So I hope that'll clear a few things up :]

    yes they've gotten quite a bit further, if you have time you can read this which is a summary of the mystery -

    Although at the moment there is about 600 pages of the same thing over and over again, so yeh...

    I'm the opposite AFI is my favourite band & MCR are my second. :D
  10. raven_91

    raven_91 New Member

    there awesome!!....but i love my chem more
  11. lifesodemanding

    lifesodemanding New Member

    A.F.I. :D!
    I'm a big fan :)
    They're amazing live.
  12. Raven Blacktear

    Raven Blacktear New Member

    Grrrr...I was reading the summery, but I had to go before I got really anywhere. Thanks though. I WILL read it later. Thank you sooooo much *many hugs*
  13. Raven Blacktear

    Raven Blacktear New Member soon as I posted the second time, everyone abandoned this thread. Did I kill the thread? =(
  14. Le Petit Lion

    Le Petit Lion New Member

    i love A.FI :D
  15. lifesodemanding

    lifesodemanding New Member

    You did not kill the thread!
    It shall be revived!
  16. Raven Blacktear

    Raven Blacktear New Member

    It will be revived by a single-word exclamation that will make even the Heavens quake:

  17. Knight of Elcar

    Knight of Elcar New Member

    I'm a fan of AFI since I listened to "The Boy Who Destroyed The World". And in the endless discussion on which is better bewteen STS and DU, I'd say STS hands down. But that does not make DU a bad album. It just strays a bit too far from their original sound and they made a radical transition from STS to DU.
  18. DeaTHWiSH

    DeaTHWiSH New Member

  19. LivingDead

    LivingDead Active Member

    I saw them in December and I actully cried duing one of there songs...they are soooo amazin
  20. jamesdark

    jamesdark New Member

    actually they are my second favorite band!

    (you guessed right #1 is MCR!)

    they're so good

    but i like more Sing The Sorrow than Decemberunderground!

    Silver & Cold is awesome!!


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