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Discussion in 'General Rock Discussion' started by Skeleton_Crew27, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. Aubrey

    Aubrey New Member

    i saw AFI on their UK tour and to be honest Davey Havok has inspired me theatrically

    (in case you didn't know, i'm a vocalist in a band lol)

    but i love the new album, i think i read on here somewhere that quite a few people don't like it, i hates "sing the sorrow" that was an awful album, but december underground is astounding

    i remember when i first saw them they were supposting Offspring in like 2001 or something lol

    my how times change!
  2. FamousLastWords

    FamousLastWords New Member

    AFI is one of the best bands ever (pretty close with MCR...i think MCR's a bit better)

    Sing The Sorrow is probably their best album. DecemberUnderground isnt as climatic, but i still love it

    i think i bug the hell outta my friends about Davey. i should probably stop...
  3. UnapologeticApathy

    UnapologeticApathy New Member

    i love them

    love love love


  4. billyXtheXkidd

    billyXtheXkidd New Member

    Not to sound like a snob, but I've been a fan from way back. So when I see my little sister's friends in 8th grade going around like, "OMGEEEEE! I love 'Miss Murder'!" but they won't even listen to The Art of Drowning or Answer that and Stay Fashionable, it irks me a bit.

    That's nothing against you if the first song you heard by them was "Miss Murder." But it just pisses me off when people won't broaden their horizons.
  5. I love them, I'm seeing them on Tuesday *jumps in Joy*
  6. hpdork101

    hpdork101 New Member

    actually i am in 8th grade :D *SHOT DEAD*
    but i've heard a little more then Miss Murder...not to much though ^//^
    umm, i have 3 records so far: Shut your mouth and open your eyes, Sing the Sarrow(which isn't to old), and of course decemberunderground..

    i can't wait to get more though, suppose i should get the ones you're talking about eh? xD

    thanks for posting =3
  7. squiggle

    squiggle magical liopleurpodon

    AH!! prettiest pictures in the world you got there! give to me!!!!!
  8. Fear&Regret

    Fear&Regret New Member


    i love AFI, but they're so damn ugly
  9. yourmomlovesQUIFFLE

    yourmomlovesQUIFFLE New Member

    love them.
    they're amazing.
    old & new stuff.
  10. myheartisinnewjersey

    myheartisinnewjersey Anti-Elitist Elitist

    oh man. rotfl. can you say teenie post? haha. no sweets...i have nothing against your posts...they usually are really good...but that was so far out there. woooo....okay you put a smile on my face today.

    As for AFI....i have most of the old stuff, i'm missing about 2 && i have both mainstream's amazing how they've grown...Sing the Sorrow was an exceptional album. AFI's self titled album still remains my favorite. I think these boys are beautiful inside && out. Really. They're material is so damn deep but it's not always honest...which i suppose is why i prefer MCR.
  11. demolition

    demolition Guest

    afi is pretty good, and put on an awesome live set
  12. MUAHAHAHA I went to their concert today, I stood in line for 8 hours to see them before the concert, MUAHAH I saw the back of Davey's head, Jade and Hunters faces and I didn't see Adam =(..... But the concert was awesome, except I nearly got killed in the mosh pit. Lucky I had my friend Matthius to protect me *does dance*,
  13. bodivi

    bodivi New Member

    Which one?
  14. RachelLovesMCR19

    RachelLovesMCR19 New Member

    "Yes" I do think they are siular to AFI But they are very far abut from being like each other they are all cool the have alot in common in their music, that is what so great about them:clap: :taz: :rockon:
  15. venomvamp

    venomvamp New Member

    i love them their songs are like awesome. who ever doesn't like them should really listen to their songs and then see what they think and if they already did that they should do it again and again until they do like them.
  16. hpdork101

    hpdork101 New Member

  17. demolition

    demolition Guest

    lol hahahah
    i'm not sure what to say
    that one guy with the long blond part in his hair is hot
    davey's a little femmy, but in the miss murder/love like winter video he looks good
    i don't like his blue eye make up though
    but looks aside they have awesome music
  18. blackunicorn

    blackunicorn New Member

    I love AFI! I recently discovered their music. A friend of mine couldn't believe I'd never heard their songs, so he sent me a few and I'm hooked! Since then I've bought two of their albums : DecemberUnderground and The Art of Drowning.
  19. Phoebe

    Phoebe Off The Heezay.

    I've listened to some of their stuff and I think it's really good.

    But they're not exactly my favourite band.
  20. MCRaddiction

    MCRaddiction Ice Cream Monkey

    yea!! i saw them up close!!
    omgomg! it was the most amazing experience of my life [so far]
    davey was sooo close! then i renemebred he is gay -.-

    yea i bought decemberunderground when it came out i was [email protected]
    i need to get more albums though..i love davey's voice

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