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Discussion in 'General Rock Discussion' started by Skeleton_Crew27, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. Skeleton_Crew27

    Skeleton_Crew27 New Member

    I am so sorry if there's a topic on this already, I coulnd't find one.


    So is there any AFI fans out there? I have loved these guys for about six years now, they are my heros and their music means so much for me.
  2. do_or_die

    do_or_die New Member

    I like old AFI alot. Like Very Proud Ya and Black Sails in the Sunset....those were really good.

    And then I liked Sing the Sorrow. Even though it changed, It was still really good.

    But i thought that Decemberunderground was really bad. Like...ugh. I just didn't like any songs on that album. Except mabey Miss Murder and Summer Shudder. Other than that, I didn't like Decemberunderground at all. I was really dissapointed.
  3. dreadpirateroberts

    dreadpirateroberts New Member

    I was disappointed by Decemberunderground too. It was like Sing The Sorrow part 2 but in a bad way (I loved Sing The Sorrow) if that makes any sense. Lacklustre, I guess. The only half decent track I thought was Endlessly She Said.
  4. Skeleton_Crew27

    Skeleton_Crew27 New Member

    Yeh, I don't really like DU. My favourites is Black Sails in the Sunset and Sing the Sorrow.

    My favourite songs is Silver and Cold and Total Immortal.
  5. Pansy_Face

    Pansy_Face Setting my friends on fire

    I love Total Immortal.

    And AFI are pretty much amazing.

    I miss Davey's old hair.

    But my friend said he looked like a fruit when he had that hair.

    Hearts, Kp.
  6. myheartisinnewjersey

    myheartisinnewjersey Anti-Elitist Elitist

    ALL AFI is great..
    people really can't expect their bands to
    grow, evolve or change..
    its human nature..
    plus things would get boring..
    i love them they are my second/third
    favorite band..
    them and the used are constantly
    batteling it out for the second spot!
  7. XIII

    XIII New Member

    i love AFI especially Sing The Sorrow.
    My Favorite song is Death of Seasons or Paper Airplanes
  8. King Matt

    King Matt New Member

    Decemberunderground sucks.
    They are mostly only playing that and a few old songs on their tour here.
    hence why I am not going.
  9. shattered

    shattered New Member

    I think it's great... howcome you dislike it?
  10. the black parade

    the black parade New Member

    i really liked decemberunderground

    alot of afis songs are class i think
  11. Pebbles_123

    Pebbles_123 New Member


    AFI is GREAT!!!!!!
    I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!
  12. i love AFI

    ya, i have to agree. Decemberunderground was a dissapointment. =/ but my facorite song is defintly "I Wanna Get A Mohawk" << ha. that song is the best =)
  13. DaysOfThePhoenix

    DaysOfThePhoenix New Member

    why did he cut off his lovely black waves? although i like his hair now because its different. His best hairstyle was his devils lock [i think thats what its called].

    AFI are my favourite band because no one else sounds like them and they so such dedication to their fans.

    'I wanna get a mohawk' is definitly one of their best songs by far. :D
  14. scary-miss-mary

    scary-miss-mary New Member

    I LOVE AFI!!
  15. Pirate_Monkey101

    Pirate_Monkey101 New Member


    i love them...

    i lurve them...

  16. SammehDETHâ„¢

    SammehDETHâ„¢ New Member

    AFI are awesome,
    but im just sick of how
    many people "love" miss murder
    like on myspace ALOT of people have miss murder
    in their name,
    or on other sites or screen name.
    in my opinion,
    its not their best song.
    but ahh well.
    can't wait for them to tour in aussie!!
  17. Skeleton_Crew27

    Skeleton_Crew27 New Member

    my name was miss murder for a while *is ashamed* and for some reason everyone at my school calls me miss murder :eek:

    But yeah, Miss Murder isn't their best's very catchy though! :D
  18. hpdork101

    hpdork101 New Member

    AFI anyone?

    Does anyone like AFI? I think they are actually similar to MCR in some ways(although MCR is much better in my opinoin xD)
    they also seem to have some diversity on their records =D
  19. bodivi

    bodivi New Member

    Yes, I like them...too :D
  20. Pansy_Face

    Pansy_Face Setting my friends on fire

    I love AFI.

    They are amazing.

    And Davey's voice is so orgasmic.

    Hearts, Kp.

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