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    Title: some things might not be meant to be.
    Rating:G ( because I don't have the guts to go further)
    Main characters: mikey way; gerard way; Ray Toro; Frank Iero; Lindsey Way;Billie Joe Armstrong.
    Fictional Characters:Nicole Masen ( yes that's how it's spelled); Roselyn Armstrong/Masen.
    Summary:Nicole and Mikey have known each other Since birth and have been together throught thick and thin but Nicole has been hiding what she really feels about Mikey. They love each other and Mikey's not afraid to let her know only she's kept a secret for years. Something might get deadly or not. Read to find out.
    genre:............... Fiction?
    Chapter 1.

    Author's Note: this is my first fic it might lack and my summary sucks I know so please bare with me and I know I have errors in capitalization but I just want to go throught and have you all read what goes through my mind 24/7. Please leave comments. I would hate it if my Fic was suspended. This is purely for fun and is of course all fictional.

    I have some music to go with this fic so the songs for this are..
    1.early sunsets over monroeville by my chemical romance
    2.the only exception by paramore
    3.helena ( so long and goodnight) by my chemical romance

    If the music stops and your still reading find something
    ( if you like to read and listen to music)
    And if your music preferences fit it really good please let me know the songs in the comments box.

    [ flash back ]
    One...... Two.... Three. Step... Four. Five . Six and seven.
    " NICOLE!!!". I looked up from my extensive marching band practice and unfortunately out of formation.
    " miss. Masen!" the choreographer barked. *" back in Formation!" *ugh.... Mikey.
    " sorry Ms.Bright!" stupid cow.
    One......two... Three. Step.... Four. Five. Six and seven. Repeat. Stop and ready position. One two three, play! G,a,g.BB,! Stop, GOOOOO BEAVERS! f**king finally. I strolled up to the bleachers once Ms.Bright called practice *where a boy with round glasses at the tip of his cold reddened nose held out a thermos of hot hazelnut coffee and made a space for me under the quilt his grandmother made.
    " thanks mikes". I cuddled up to him for warmth taking sips of the wonderful substance that provided me with the ability to stay awake through ALL of my extra curricular classes and activities. " your really shouldn't distract me in the middle of a formation". I chided him.
    " sorry." he smiled sheepishly blushing a little.*
    " I brought you some food seeming it's 10:00 pm and you just finished practice".
    " oh how thoughtful mikeyway, so what do we have to eat?"
    " well...... WE have some tuna sandwiches *my mom made for us and.......it's too cold for that so WE are going to go to chine's."*
    " haha yeah tuna when it's 40 degrees out, well at least your mom was looking out". I smiled and nudged his shoulder lightly. *
    " haha yeah, come on".
    He helped me up and we folded the quilt we were using as shelter from the cold, thank you for heavily padded band jackets. Once we packed up all of our items mikey retrieved his car keys and I put the things in the trunk. I climbed Into the car and fiddled with the heat while mikey put in our favorite The Who CD but kept the volume low.
    " so what's up wheezy". I snickered a little at Gerard(Mikey's older brother)and my childhood name for Mikey.*
    " not much figured I'd pic you up from practice and we'd go get something warm to eat with the exception of a movie?"
    I smiled. " yeah lemmie call my parents".
    I pulled out my Nokia and dialed home.
    " hello?" said the groggy voice of my mother.
    " hey mom can I go out for a movie with mikey?"
    " yeah sure you can even stay over."
    " oh really!" I grinned
    " yeah just hang up the phone and let me go back to sleep".
    " Kay mom thanks love you bye".
    " love you too".*
    The phone went silent and I sighed. Mum and her sleep.
    " my mom said I could stay the night ". I told mikey enthusiastically .
    " cool we can stay up and watch zombie movies all night ".
    " no" I quickly shot that idea down.
    " well ok umm..... We could talk and stuff".
    " no".
    " movies and cuddle with popcorn?".
    " bingo!"
    " not very in to horror movies are you".*
    " mikey I've known you since kindergarden so that's kinda a DUH!" *
    " yeah I guess so".
    We arrived at chine's and got out of the car. Mikey wearing his pea coat and me wearing a leather jacket I stole from the back of his car.
    " that looks nice on you". Mikey said shyly.
    " thanks". I blushed*
    " you can have it if you want, if it fits you that well I probably grew out of it."
    We both became quiet. He glanced sideways at me and from the angle I was peering up at him he took my breath away. Kinda like the time I though my brother was David Bowie and then I put my glasses on. We walked up to the diner and he, like a gentleman opened the door for me.*
    " how many?" the waitress asked kindly.
    " just two".
    "Follow me".
    Once situated in our booth we looked at the menu and decided to share the ravioli dish.
    " thank you I'll be back with your food shortly".
    " so ". I leaned in intently
    " what's gee up to lately,". ( like I didn't know)
    " that's a crap conversation starter Nikki ".
    " yeah I know, well anyways what are we. Going to see at the movies?"
    " erm....... Blade runner , Rocky horror or tank Gir..... Wait a second...... Your face says Rocky Horror so let's run home after this and go as brad and Janet. I'll have to pick up some bread on the way though, ya know the whole toast thing.."
    " ok fag".
    " what!!!"
    " reference my darling " oh brad you fag"... Remember.."
    " oh sorry forgot ".
    " yeah so anyway,that sounds like a wonderful idea and it's only 10:30 so we have until 12:00 works like a charm".
    "here is your food , let me know if you need anything".
    " thank you miss ." we both said at the same time. I looked away embarrassed
    " no problem". The way she smiled was almost like she knew something we did not .
    " gerard wants to start a band. You up for it?"
    " yeah, bass taken?"
    " yeah kinda but we can both be gerard is on lead, kinda hoping you'd be lead singer".
    " oh well ok yeah sure lead singer". I took another bite of ravioli and sip of my drink.
    " we could just stay home tonight we don't have to go out we can see a movie tomorrow?" he said worriedly*
    " that.... Sounds way better that a movie actually". I yawned
    " so anyway what's the bands name...." I asked curiously*
    He coughed a little " umm.. Ray gun Jones.."
    " wow...... That's good".
    " mmmm dunno practice is on tuesdays and Thursday's that way we can all be there".
    " works perfectly," I mumbled.
    Ugh can I kiss you now..... Wait what , Ewwww! *mikey is my best friend..*
    " hey do you want desert?"he asked .*I looked at him.
    " do YOU want desert?"
    " naw not really just asking".
    " me neither".
    I hate small talk. Mikey payed for the check and we went to his house to watch movies and fall asleep.

    A week later.........………
    " so what song am I singing ". I said as on the couch of the way's basement me turned into a band room.
    " well we really haven't *heard you sing yet.... You need to audition".
    " what about mikey! Doesn't he need to try out too!!".
    " I live with him therefore I know he can play". Gerard said coyly*
    " you suck".
    " yes I do now sing".
    " Jesus gerard...... Fine.."*

    "*Don't tell me not to live, just sit and putter
    Life's candy and the sun's a ball of butter
    Don't bring around a cloud to rain on my parade
    Don't tell me not to fly, I've simply got to
    If someone takes a spill, it's me and not you
    Who told you you're allowed to rain on my parade".

    I paused shortly

    "I'll march my band out, I'll beat my drum
    And if I'm fanned out, your turn at bat, sir
    At least I didn't fake it hat, sir
    I guess, I didn't make it but whether
    I'm the rose of sheer perfection
    The freckle on the nose of life's complexion
    The cinder or the shiny apple of its eye".

    Another breath. And I tried not to look up I really shouldn't be uncomfortable these are my best friends*

    "I gotta fly once, I gotta try once
    Only can die once, right, sir?
    Ooh, life is juicy, juicy and you'll see
    I'm gonna have my bite, sir
    Get ready for me, love 'cause I'm a comer
    I simply gotta march, my heart's a drummer
    Don't bring around a cloud to rain on my parade".

    "I'm gonna live and live now
    Get what I want, I know how
    One roll for the whole shabang*
    One throw, that bell will go clang
    Eye on the target and wham
    One shot, one gun shot, and bam
    Hey, Mister Arnstein, here I am."

    "I'll march my band out, I will beat my drum
    And if I'm fanned out, your turn at bat, sir
    At least I didn't fake it, hat, sir
    Guess I didn't make it
    Get ready for me, love 'cause I'm a comer
    I simply gotta march, my heart's a drummer
    Nobody, no, nobody, is gonna rain on my parade". I held the last note as long as possible, then I became silent.
    Gerard coughed I looked up and saw that both gerard and mikey were leaning back in their chairs, eyes wide and mouths slightly agape.
    " well ?"
    Gerard started to clap along with mikey causing me to blush harshly and tell them to knock it off them we ended up in a group hug.
    " f**king amazing Nicole !"
    " dude"*
    " mikey ,gerard seriously it's not that big but I'm kinda hungry so let's go up stairs".
    " me too". Mikey agreed
    " me three". Gerard tagged along and we climbed up the stairs to the basement door. We walked in to the kitchen where Mrs.Way was making sandwiches.
    " that was really good Anastasia".
    Crap she heard me sing and why do you always insist on calling me by my first name. Please stop... I'm begging you.
    " thanks Mrs.Way".*
    She set three PB and J sandwiches down on the table accompanied by some milk.*
    " thanks mom ". The boys said in unison. I might not have explained this before but gerard is three years older than mikey and a senior in high school while mikey and I are the same age and in the same grade only I have 8 months on him. So clearing that up gerard is 18 and we are 16 but he still hangs out with us because gerard is cool like that. **
    After lunch we went back down into the basement and started to play all together. Being completely honest with myself. We sucked, like BAD but at least we had something to do over the looming summer.
    " so are you three stooges ready for summer gerard is graduating in a couple of days". Mikey's mom asked me
    " possibly...."
    " why?"
    " mmmm. Summer is long and idle hands are the devil's advocate I'm afraid I'd be up to no good".
    " honey you are too smart for your own good". She shook her head and tousled my hair.
    " uhhu so I've been told many times".*
    She chucked got up and walked away.]

    [ many years later 2004 ]

    " I think I'm going to buy a house in jersey." I said one day on the my chemical romance ( our non crap band) tour bus.
    " why would you want to live there when you have all your life?" ray our lead guitarist and friend asked me.
    " I dunno the comfort I guess and it wouldn't be in Bellville Id be in Newark or some place probably Mont Clare or maybe on the complete other side of jersey in Riverton or on the shore."
    " well I'm already looking at a place in Camden and I know Frank has a place near y'all but I can't name it...."
    " it's in Mont Clare dumbass!" frank our rhythmic guitarist and also best friend hollered from the lounge where he was making dinner for us all.*
    " yeah I could be frank's neighbor hey where's Mikey?" my phone vibrated just then.
    " hullo?"
    " oh hey how's it going."
    " good mikey how are...... poop".
    " thought so."
    " oh honey I'm so sorry were Turing the bus around".
    I took my ear away from the phone and stepped Over the garbage that had accumulated over the week.
    " f**king turn the bus around we forgot Mikey at the gas station!"
    " poop....". Gerard said under his breath
    " you aren't *going to mention this to your mom are you mikes?"
    " are you kidding Nicole, my mom would have gerard's butt on a silver plater".
    " frank might like that". I chuckled*
    " yeah a bit too much". He agreed
    " see ya in a bit mikey and pick up some chips while your there please"
    " Kay love you bye"
    " love you too mikey way bye". I hung up the phone*
    Mikey and I are not going out its just ..... I'm his baby in the sense that we have known and looked out for each other *literally since the day we were born.
    Mikey is my protector and my comforter and in return I am to him. When ever I cry if mikey isn't instantly alerted he gets pissed once he walked out of ordering Starbucks because I scraped a knee. Mikey is protective,some times even a bit over protective... But I can't help but love him because mikey is mikey. We came up in the BP we had recently pulled out of and mikey climbed aboard with a smile ( which was very unusual of him) plastered on his face .
    " what..?" I looked at him cautiously. He set the bags on the counter and sat next to me on the bench, he pulled me close. That little coy smile still plastered on his *( what I found to be) heartbreakingly cute face. Everyone was was watching us when he whispered " that was the first time I said I love you to you"
    My heart stopped and my breath caught in my throat... Oh hell..... It was the first time he said that. Ray was looking at me strangely I looked back.
    " you guys can stop looking at us now"
    I got up from the bench and pulled mikey into his bunk. I just lay there and look at him shocked at the momentous occasion that just happened. Now I know how dramatic this sounds but to a girl, when a guy who you have a crush on and are not going out with says " I love you". Its basically him asking you out. It's a BIG THING!! Well for me considering I've loved mikey since well..... Forever.
    " what." he asked incredulously*
    " saying I love you is a big deal in my mind". I replied awed*
    " oh". He said sounding like he was coming off a large high.
    What am I doing....... Well here it goes
    " mikey do you.... Like me". God I sound like I'm in elementary grade school.
    " of course I like you Nicole ".
    " you know what I mean mikes".
    " no". He said curtly " your my sister nothing else".
    " oh". poop, way to let me down gentle Way
    " ok then I should go sorry".
    Mother f**king emotional roller coaster......
    " no nic stay please".
    " mikey*I gotta go help frankie cook dinner im sorry".

    ( CLIF HANGER!!) I won't be able to post this that often due to my Internet
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