A Step Away From Falling

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    A Step Away From Falling​

    Rating: 12 (May change)

    Main Characters: All members from: MCR, Paramore and 30STM, Lu lu (OFC) Sammi (OFC) Domino (OFC) Emily (OFC)

    Summary: At the end of the world who will survive. A creepy hospital+shitloads of famous people+Tanks?=one hell of a fight to survive....

    Genre: Crossover Drama Horror (Character death)

    Chapter Index:
    Chapter 1 Page 1
    Chapter 2 Page 1
    Chapter 3 Page 1
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    Chapter 1

    Chapter 1

    Lucy or 'Lu lu' as her friends and band mates referred her as woke with a start, more nightmares.

    Shielding her eyes from the penetrating sunlight which was seeping through her purple curtains. She wanted to get back to sleep but it seemed that whenever she woke up she wouldn't get back to sleep, so she stared at the posters of various bands collected on her ceiling and walls.

    After trying but failing to get back to her 'dream' land she decided it was probably time to get up. Her Samsung came to life telling her she had a message.

    Hey lu lu,

    Bring your acoustic to practice, I got ur electric at mine x

    Domino x

    Crap band practice, 10 right? Lu lu glanced at the clock which hung loosely off the wall, 10:45! Holy mother of Andy Biersack, yeah she had been late sometimes but never 45 frikin minutes late.

    Feeling the fuzz of the black carpet between her toes as she got dressed into her 30 Seconds To Mars tiger tank top, Purple skinnies on her feet she wore her favourite shoes: Black knee high converse. Over her arms she wore different band wristbands like: Paramore, Panic! At The Disco, My Chemical Romance, Falling in Reverse and a British band that had got her really exited about going over to the UK You Me At Six.

    The wrist bands covered the flying bat tattoos on both of her forearms and her My Chem ray gun hoddie covered the Piano tattoo much like Brendon Urie's but with stars instead of flowers surrounding the instrument.

    She quickly brushed her electric blue hair and brushed her teeth and grabbed her acoustic guitar from it's stand by the door. Locking the door to her spacious studio apartment she ran down the hallway to the lobby, the automatic glass doors opened and led her to the parking lot where her small Ford Focus was waiting for her.

    It took little less than 10 minutes to reach Dominika or Domino and Emily's apartment.

    "Oh my god your alive!" Sammi put her hand over her mouth in pretend shock.

    "No poop Sherlock." Emily slapped Sammi round the head and ruffled her ginger hair.

    "Finally! Lu lu only 45 minutes late!" Domino hugged her dear friend who stuck her tongue out at her band mate.

    "To the practice room?" Emily strapped her bass picking up the Amp for it, The girls nodded setting up their instruments.

    If they wanted to stay sighed on their record label they needed to make a proper album, yeah they had an EP but with a building fan base and a demand for more material therefore practice sessions had become a regular occurrence. Today was going to be devoted to singing, playing, writing, drinking coffee and eating cookies.


    3 and a half hours later the girls decided to give playing a rest and go for coffee break, Sammi's idea Lu lu added the cookies. Domino and Emily brewed the kettle and put cookies on a plate while Sammi flicked through the channels in search of something good to watch while on break. She settled on Sponge-Bob Square Pants. Lu lu sat on the window sill on the ground floor apartment and watched the world go by.

    A high pitched noise brought everyone to attention, Lu lu looked around the street to see what was making the noise then she saw it. A tank rumbled down the street, the tank was white but non of the girls took notice of the colour just the fact that it had just rammed and flattened one of Domino and Emily's neighbours not caring about the occupants.

    "What the f**k was that?" Emily asked in disbelief opening the front door and walking along the path to the gate's. Other residences occupying the street gathered in little groups demanding to know what a tank had flattened a house.

    "I don't know but I have a feeling were going to find out soon" Lu lu's serious tone was just telling the group this was bad.

    "The news might hold the answers" Sammi rushed back inside the house and flicked the channel over to a news broadcast. Any would do as long as it held answers to that was happening.

    "The state of California has become under attack, each city has been told to keep calm and keep on the eye on local news." Each channel was the same.

    "The mayor of Los Angles has told people to keep calm gather in your local town halls gather everything necessary from your residence and make your way to your local town ha... "The f**k" Domino swore.

    "Powers gone off" Emily shut the front door. "What do we do?"

    "Do what they tell us obviously" Sammi put the remote down and stood up " Gather everything, food instruments water"

    "Were not going to the town hall" Lu lu stopped the mad rush.

    "Why not where else do we go?" Emily asked still putting food in a bag.

    "Well whatever is in them tanks are obviously not stupid so there gonna go where everyone is gathered, kill 2 birds with 1 stone" Lu lu explained. "Everyone pack stuff you need were getting out of here" The girls resumed without question packing food putting guitars mics into boxes and bags.


    20 minutes later the girls were sat in Sammi's Honda waiting for Lu lu to grab her stuff. Emily fiddled with her seat belt, Sammi played with the strands of hair which sat past her shoulders. Domino sorted her black and blue fringe out.

    "Where the hell is she?" Emily asked.

    "She's commin' now" Domino observed, Lu lu ran toward the car carrying boxes heaped with posters and stuff.

    "Don't all help at once" Lu lu loaded the boxes in the car she buckled up and the car lurched forward into drive.
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    sounds nice
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    Chapter 2

    Chapter 2

    Sammi decided to use the back streets of the city to escape, to everyone's surprise it acutely worked....For a bit.

    "People there's a car following us" Lu lu's worried voice came from the back.

    "Well were screwed" Sammi muttered.

    "Forever the pessimist Sam" Emily shook her head a slight smile on her face.

    "If you slow down we'll hold fire" A voice from a speaker came from the car in per suite of the girls.

    "Slow down and we'll hold fire, I don't want to get killed!" Lu lu panicked and ducked down in her seat making her as small as possible. Domino stroked her back as Sammi pushed her foot down harder on the gas pedal while Emily grabbed some sweets that Sammi had left in her car to throw at the car behind them.

    "What in god's name are you up to?" Domino asked her friend in confusion.

    "Trying to smash their wind screen, Oh yeah" Emily hit the glass on the car and it sent it swerving and into an embankment. "Didn't mean to hurt them though" She added as an afterthought.

    "Well at least it got 'em off our trail" Sammi focused on the road, the car went silent no one dared to speak, everyone was too nervous anyway.

    After about 1 hour and 30 minutes the girls found them self's in a hospital parking lot somewhere still in LA but far enough away from Santa Monica. The girls hadn't got a clue w Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center.

    "And how did we get to Hollywood exactly?" Domino Read the writing on the glass door as they entered the deserted building. The rounded reception desk had papers strewn all over it's surface, the busted computer was surrounded by knocked over vases with dead flowers in them in some places the lino floors were wet form the water spilling from the vase.

    The cream walls held pictures of yet more flowers which hung loosely from their frames. Chairs and tables had missing legs, this place had differently been in the wars.

    "Creepy" Sammi voiced.

    "I'll say" Emily added. The girls stood for a moment observing their surroundings before deciding it would be best to search and move away from the door just in case anyone saw them. Walking through a corridor which doors were tightly sealed except for one, the walls were a baby blue with w white border central. Hospital beds littered the already narrow walkway along with medicine trolleys and what looked like files of some sort.

    "Where are the people?" Domino asked hugging Lu lu's shoulders keeping her close, In Sammi, Emily and Domino's eyes Lu lu was the baby of the band since she was the youngest and Domino the mom because he was the oldest.

    "There's a door open there I say we check it out" Sammi the adventures one of the quartet suggested.

    "You don't know who or what is behind it though" Emily pointed out.

    "Well I guess were going to find out" Sammi led the quartet to the end of the corridor not expecting what to see. Everyone was tense as Sammi slowly entered the Peach coloured room. Sammi backed out of the room when she saw a girl with orange hair which fell past her shoulders. "Someone's in there" Sammi whispered loud enough for her friends to her but quiet enough not to wake the girl up. Lu lu released herself from Domino's grasp and ventured into the room which Sammi had backed out off.

    "Lu lu come back" Emily entered the room after Lu lu. A single table light illuminated the otherwise dark room infact the only light on the bottom level. A couple of tiles lined the walls and on the table by the bed topped with yet more dead flowers.

    "Oh my god it's Hayley Williams!" Lu lu squealed.

    "Hey I recognise you girls, Bad Influence right?" Hayley asked standing up. The girls nodded their heads in unison. "You know what happened? 1 minute I'm chilling on the tour bus the next a massive butt tank comes toward the bus."

    "No were as clueless as you are, where are the guys?" Emily looked round the room in search of Taylor and Jeremy.

    "I really don't know we came here like last night and they told me to stay here while they went in search of food and supplies, wanna go explore?" Hayley skipped toward the door, the girls were shocked very shocked. How could she go a day without food and have so much energy?

    The girls followed Hayley back down the corridor to the reception desk. Hayley turned to the girls: "Which way should we go?"

    "Hummm... eenie meenie mynee mo, which way should we f**kin' go?" Sammi pointed to each of the 3 corridors which led in various directions. Her finger landed on the middle corridor which led to a set of stairs going to the higher levels. "This way it is" Hayley led the girls down the dark corridor the lights which hung loosely from the ceiling flickered on occasionally giving the girls light.

    "What do you think is up there?" Lu lu whispered wanting to make the least amount of noise as possible, anything could be up there waiting for them.

    "Whatever it is were going to find out, C'mon people" Domino slowly crept up the stairs. The tension in the air was thick, the girls reached the top of the stairs hoping they wouldn't meet any of the intruders.

    "Which way?" Lu lu whispered, the sound of someone coughing made all 5 girls jump with fright Lu lu yelped slightly and buried her face into Domino's neck, the coughing got louder and footsteps echoed down the pristine corridors. "I'm so sorry" Lu lu whimpered.

    "It's okay" Domino rubbed circles on her friends back, the footsteps got closer and closer until they stopped behind Hayley...
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    Chapter 3

    Chapter 3


    "Tay oh my god where have you been?" The 2 shared a friendly embrace which seamed to last forever, Lu lu Domino Sammi and Emily stood awkwardly until Taylor broke form the hug and looked at the other younger girls. "Who are these people?"

    "Oh ever heard of a band called Bad Influence?" Tay thought for a moment.

    "The name rings a bell" Tay nodded for his friend to go on.

    "Well these are the girls, Emily, Sammi, Lu lu and Domino" Hayley pointed to each girl in turn as she said their names.

    "Oh hi guys, and answer to your earlier question when me and Jeremy were searching for food we found mo refugees" Hayley looked confused as did the 4 younger girls stood behind the 2 band mates.


    "Follow me" Taylor led the way down the darkened corridors followed by the girls. Hayley had to feel along the walls and make sure Sammi grabbed her spotty hoddie creating a chain so no one fell and hurt themselves, that was the last thing anyone needed. The group walked in silence until Taylor stopped suddenly

    "Jesus Tay you could've told us we were stopping" Hayley complained.

    "We've been staying here for now" Taylor opened the glass door, the room wasn't completely dark and because there were glass windows looking out onto the corridor it provided the group with that little light so they could see their own hands in front of their faces.

    "Guys I found 'em" Taylor announced as he entered the room, much like the one Hayley was in but a little larger and with 2 beds instead of 1. Sammi's mouth dropped open as she entered the room the others (Except for Taylor) Followed, even Hayley was suppressed.

    "Oh my god It's GERARD WAY AND RAY TORO OH MY GOD!" Sammi jumped up and down with Domino Emily stood their gawping and Lu lu looked like she wanted to pass out, All of her inspirations were in this room including Jared and his brother Shannon Leto.

    "You 2 alright?" Jared laughed slightly at Emily and Lu lu's facial expressions.

    "Huh" Emily shook herself "OH MY GOD" And started spazing with her band mates, Lu lu still shocked. Hayley Taylor and Jeremy were talking food. After about 10 minutes the girls were calm and sat chatting like they had know the guys for years.

    "So ya bringing girl power to rock eh?" Gee asked lighting up a cigarette.

    "Yes and a Sammi" Domino laughed when Sammi hit her arm.

    "Hey I have you know that my crazy ness has nothing to do with our current situation"

    "It never dose" Lu lu said watching Sammi's expression change as she lunged forward and attacked the youngest in the room.

    "Hey hey get off ginger!" Lu lu managed to get out between fits of laughter.

    "At least I don't have blue hair you raisest to ginger people person" Sammi continued to tickle Lu lu's squirming form until she was pulled away by Shannon and Ray. The occasional sound of giggles could be heard from Sammi and Lu lu. Jeremy crept forward a look of mock fear on his face.

    "Is it safe to come over"

    "Indeed it is, the cookie monster is in its cadge" Sammi Emily and Domino smiled at Lu lu's nickname.

    "Cookie monster?" Ray asked confused.

    "Come on, who doesn't like cookies?" Lu lu threw her hands in the air.

    "I like cookies!" Gee raised his hand.

    "Oh who doesn't know you like cookies?" Ray rolled his eyes at his friends weirdness.

    "Any way speaking of food this place has to have some sort of kitchen now we need to find it before we die of starvation" Taylor interrupted the convocation about cookies much to Lu lu's dismay.

    "We brought supplies" Lu lu practically shouted holding up a skelanimals backpack.

    "Cookie?" Gee asked tilting his head to the side.

    "Cookie" Lu lu replied.

    "Yeah we have snacks and stuff but there not gonna last long, we need to find some proper food and fast" Jared said. And oh boy was he right.

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