A Bandit on The Run

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    Chapter 10

    Work ended and I went straight for a coffee. I was beat. This was probably the most exciting day that’s happened since I got to Jersey. Patrick asked me out. Tomorrow after work I’d be going out on a date with the guy of my dreams. God this was amazing. I thought I was too old to act like this I mean c’mon I’m like what 20? Way too old for this. But whatever this was great. Life was great. I had the guy of my dreams and nothing could be better.

    “So how was work babe?” said Kevin as I sat down with my usual after work coffee at our usual after work table.

    “Oh work was fine y’know just fine. I mean walking in there I found out that one of my old friends was in trouble and stuff and I’ll probably call her later but y’know the rest of the day was fine.” I said casually as I sipped my coffee.

    “Alright tell me, when’s the date?”

    “You know me too well Kevin, too well. ANd it’s tomorrow after work so we probably won’t have time for coffee.”

    “Aww well whatever, as long as you’re happy. And hey can you do me a favor?”

    “No I will not ask if he knows any cute gay boys.”


    “God Kevin calm the f**k down, the moon can hear you!”

    “I was going to ask if you play in Ben’s band. I kinda promised him I’d find him a bassist. You know Ben right?”

    Ben was an butthole plain and simple. He was the good kind though, kind of. He wasn’t all up tight and stuff but sometimes he just got a stick shoved up his but so far it was coming out the other side. I called this his man period.

    “I don’t know Kev. You know me and Ben don’t get along sometimes.”

    “C’mon! You need the extra cash and he needs a bassist. It’s perfect!”

    I agreed. What can I say? Cash is cash and I needed some. I told Kevin that I’d come to Ben’s next practice (which was in two days) and that I’d do it just for a little bit and that if Ben became too much of an butthole I’d quit. Kevin thanked me and we left Starbucks together and while we walked I told him about Violet. He hugged me with his thin little body when we got to my house and walked away. As he walked away Violet entered my mind again. How was she? I prayed she was okay.

    Chapter 11

    I decided to call Violet’s parents and get to know what happened.

    “Hello Steve?”

    “Bandit! Is that you!?” said a voice that I recognized as Violet’s.


    “BANDIT! How are you!?”

    “I’m fine! How are you though. I heard about y’know.”

    “Yeah I’m better now, I’m at my parents house. They kind of want to keep an eye on me.”

    “Well I’m glad you’re better Vi. I miss ya.”

    “I miss you too Bandit, when are you coming home?”

    “I really don’t know Violet. Jersey is such an adventure. It’s like amazing. You should come.”

    “Bandit I can’t.”

    “Why not Vi? Do you like it over there in LA?”

    “Well no, obviously not but.....it’s all I know Bandy. It’s my life. I can’t just leave like you did”

    “I didn’t just leave. I left a note behind.”

    Right then Violet interjected with the tale of the band. After my dad told them about the note they kicked out Violet and became some crappy pop duo that tried to rock somehow. They loved that I was gone. ANd after I left Violet had no one. We were each others only friends back in LA. I left her alone. How could I do that? Now I caused her to almost kill herself.

    “Violet I’m sorry about everything. I’m so sorry. I just had to leave.”

    “I understand Bandit but you shouldn’t have just left like that. Things changed so much after you left. Your dad stays in the basement so much more now and your mom doesn’t smile as much and Miles misses you. We all miss you.”

    “I can’t go back though. Not yet Vi.”

    “Your choice Bandit. I miss you. Be safe.”

    “I miss you too and you be safe too.”

    She was safe. At least she was. But look at what I’ve caused. My dad’s a hermit and my mom’s depressed. Little Miles misses me and now who’s he going to learn bass from? God I changed so many things but it’s too late to go back. I have to finish what I came out to do. I have to become a new me and find myself before I can ever go back to LA.
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    Chapter 12

    “Tell me everything!” Kevin shouted at our table as I casually sipped my coffee with a smug grin. “Everything from beginning to end of your date with Patty.”

    “Patty? Is that really what you’re going to call him?”

    “Yes and that doesn’t matter tell me everything!”

    “Alright man calm your tits and let me think of how to tell this story so it sounds cool.”

    It was already cool. So cool. I went on a date with the guy of my dreams. Sure work was hell today but it was all worth it for the after work showing of some crappy movie with “Patty”. I told Kevin all about the movie and how Pat put his arm around me and how he walked me to the bus stop after the movie and held my hand. I felt like some stupid little girl with her first love. Really though wasn’t I? Pat was my love. He was amazing. So amazing, so kind, so handsome and so awesome. He was like straight out of my dreams, I think I was starting to REALLY like him already.

    “Y’know he invited me to a concert next week right?”

    “Remember Helena, when moshing use protection. And you should use some after.” Kevin said and sipped his coffee.


    “Damn I was kidding, no need to freak out. But seriously do you think things could get serious soon?”

    “I don’t know Kev. I mean I really like him and he was really nice last night and I hope it gets serious but I don’t know.”

    Kevin smiled and started telling me that things were going to get serious and he knew it. He said that if things didn’t get serious he’d kick Patrick in the butt. This made me laugh and then Kevin and I walked out of Starbucks and then he told me to remember the band practice tomorrow and he gave me the song the band was going to make me audition with. “Skylines and Turnstiles”. This was going to be a piece of cake.
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    *new reader* -le waves- HEEEYYYYYY!! Sorry just wanted to have a dramatic entrance. I love this!! I like how the twins are complete bitches and not freaking saints. I like Violet but... DON'T COMMIT SUICIDE!! D': And I like 'Helena's' friends at work :) but... I don't like the way Gerard is basically a hermot crab in his basement... Or the way Lyn-z's gone all depressive :'( but y'know... I'll get over it. And please please PLEASE don't double post! :(

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