A Bandit on The Run

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    Chapter Three:

    “Hey we gave you the name! What else do you want Bandit! And Violet, don’t you even try to give us your damn “equality” bull! Heck the only reason you’re here is because your dad was “Dr. Def Defying” and was in Lyn-Z’s band!”

    There they go again, those little bitches. How were we ever going to have a band that succeeded with the twins fighting me and Violet all the time? We were older than the twins, heck they were just out of high school, what did they know. At least Violet was my age and we could actually hold civilized conversations, when the twins weren’t around.

    “Bandit, you have to get rid of her!”

    “Cherry you know that I can’t do that, where else are we going to find a guitarist?”

    “Didn’t your dad teach you to play?”

    “Yeah but I have his skill when it comes to that, you know I’m a bass player at heart.”

    “Fine, whatever. Lily we’re going home now.”

    And with that they left for the day, leaving me and Violet to our thoughts. I had no idea what Violet was thinking, maybe it was the same as I was, maybe she couldn’t deal with them anymore. I definitely couldn’t and I confessed to Violet that I was planning on leaving the band soon.

    “Maybe I could find another band to play with, y’know I can’t deal with Cherry and Lily anymore.”

    “No, Bandit you can’t just leave, you know your mom and dad and Frank and basically everyone you know is going to ask why you would quit the band, it is your dream after all, everyone knows that.”

    “No my dream was to make art, and I’m not giving that up. I’m going to use my art degree out there in the world and I’ll make it better that way. I don’t need to make music to make a change.”

    “Whatever, I’m staying with the band……It’s going to be different without you, Cherry and Lily are just going to use Frank and your dad’s fame to their advantage and get the band famous.”

    “I know, but I told them that any band I was in wouldn’t use that advantage, the twins are free to do whatever they want.”

    With that I said goodnight to Violet, she didn’t have to know any of my other plans. She would find them out eventually.
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    Chapter 4:

    Dear Mom and Dad,

    I’m leaving. I’m going over to Jersey. I’m going to live in Belleville. You can call my cell but only once, after that I won’t pick up. I have to do this, tell Cherry, Lily, Uncle Ray, Uncle Frank, Violet and everyone else that I’ll miss them and tell Uncle Mikey and Aunt Alicia that I love them. I love you mom and dad but I have to find myself and the only way to do that is to go to Jersey. I want to see how dad and Mikey lived before the band. I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you this to your faces but I just have to leave.
    Your Daughter Bandit

    P.S. Don’t try to find me in Jersey, I’m changing my name. Not because I hate it, I just need to let go of everything about LA and restart. I love you all.

    A/N: Guys please comment, it helps me know that you're reading, okay? Thanks!:^_^:
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    This is great so far. Sometimes fics are "sleepers" and take a while to gather readers, especially if you're a newer writer on the site.

    You'll need to update your chapter index though;)
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    WHAT!!!!!!!!!! SHE CANT LEAVE THE BAND!!!!!!!! WHY!!!!!!!!!!! OH THE AGONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    yeah..... ^I kinda felt like I wanted to be dramatic so yeah...... I'm sorry I am an actress and a total drama queen but yeah.
    GREAT UPDATE *HANDS TOFU OUT* I like tofu. sorry I am a vegan.
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    no it's ok, almost everyone i've met is dramatic, and i've never had tofu, one of my friends is vegan but he doesn't eat tofu, what's it taste like?
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    Polystyrene. It's really an aquired taste and texture.

    That chapter index is still wrong (sorry to nag) so can you sort it please?
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    well im a picky eater so i probably wouldn't like that very much

    oh its no problem, i got it all sorted now, thanks for telling me
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    Thanks for that, I really like this fic and would hate to have to lock it :)
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    Chapter 5:
    The fresh New Jersey air met me at Newark Liberty International Airport. I felt like I felt like I was finally going to succeed here in Jersey, this place felt different from California, it was a new place. It was all the way across the country and it felt like a different world but making it in Jersey can’t be that hard right?

    I came here with my bass and enough cash for an apartment and some food until I can get a job. poop! I need an apartment. Where the hell am I going to find one on such short notice? I wish grandma and grandpa still lived here. Well at least its morning, maybe I could get a hotel room for a while and…..

    *ring, ring, ring*


    “Dad, I just got here and I’m jet lagged, could you please not yell?”

    “Fine…..Bandit do you even have an apartment there?” It was freaky how he knew that was on my mind.

    “Not yet but I’ll get one by the end of the week…hopefully.”

    “Do you have a job? Do you have anything Bandit? You have no idea how dangerous Jersey is. Please come back home, your mother is crying and what are you even changing your name to? Bandit, was life in LA really that bad?”

    “Too many questions dad. I just want to restart my life, if it doesn’t work out then well I’m only 20 years old, I still have time left to fix any mistakes I make.”

    “Bandit, you’re a smart girl, you always have been but you need more than just smarts to make it in Jersey. You need guts and you need a real backbone, especially to make out in Belleville.”

    “Dad I’ll be fine, you don’t need to worry….Goodbye, and I’ll call you when I have my life straightened out, whenever that is.”

    What hurt most was hanging up on dad. I know he just wanted his little girl to be safe but his little girl needed to grow up and find herself and live her own life now. New Jersey was a new start, a new life and it was full of new people who were different from all the attention wh**es of LA who just cared about their hair and nails. Here I could finally start new, I could finally make it.

    I'm Bandit Lee Way anymore, I’m Helena Ballato now. I’m not going to live in the Way shadow, it’s my life now.
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    Very Well Written! I loved the ending. Im sorry for not commenting earlier, I was on a cruise with no internet. Well Done!
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    Thanks and it's ok I had writers block anyways(still do). I'll probably put more up by next week if i can get past the writers block.
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    So I know it's been a looooooooooong time but I just came back to this forum and read this and realized that I did have a story to tell. I'm now inspired to write again after a year and I hope to post soon and just finish this story.
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    looking forward to it :)
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    Chapter 6:
    (Just a small little thing)

    It was getting late when I finally found a motel. There I picked up a newspaper and started looking for apartments in my room. All I needed was a roof over my head, something cheap. I needed to get an apartment and a job. Where was that old place Uncle Mikey used to work with dad? It was some book store. BARNES & NOBLE! That’s where I could get my job. Now to get back to my apartment.

    Within the next week I got the apartment and the job. Things were really coming together. I felt like life was just getting great and that I could really make it here. Everything was new. Everything was great. No more bitches, no more band, no more worries. All I had to worry about was normal people stuff. Things were so different. Jersey was so different. I liked it.
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    Chapter 7

    As winter approached in Jersey I realized why I was lucky to live in LA. It was f**king cold here. I needed to get some warmer clothes and I needed some coffee.

    “The usual please.”

    God I was cold. But at least I was at Starbucks. Starbucks was like my home all most. I already got to know the baristas there and they were my first friends here in Jersey. I was closest to Kevin. He was so much fun and whenever he was on break we would people watch together and he always had great comments about them. He was such a sassy man. But I guess that’s what I should expect from him, he was gay after all.

    “Hey bitchacho what’s up?” he said as he took his seat at our usual table.

    “Nothing much bro, just drawing as usual with my usual coffee after my usual day at work.”

    “Sounds just peachy. How’s work anyways? Did you see any cute guys today? And did you get to work with you know who?

    He was talking about Patrick. Patrick was my crush I guess. I thought I was too old for crushes by now but I guess not. He was perfect or as close to perfect I had ever seen in my whole life. He had long chestnut brown hair and and the cutest half smile I’ve ever seen. That wasn’t the best part though, his eyes were the best. They were like two gorgeous pools of blue just swirling around on his face. They were so serene and fit him so well. He was such a nice guy. He just cared so much and was soon calm and collected about everything and he was just plain perfect.

    Just thinking about him makes me smile and get butterflies in my stomach. I called them the Patrick butterflies. They made me feel a feeling better than I had ever felt before. I can only imagine that’s what mom felt when she saw dad for the first time or at least what dad felt.
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    Please don't double post
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    Chapter 8

    Mom and dad. It had been about three months since I saw them last. I missed them a lot, a whole lot. more than I thought could be possible. They always took such good care of me and wanted me to be safe and protected. That’s all they ever wanted and now they don’t even know if I am protected. I had to talk to them to tell them I’m ohkay. One call can’t hurt right?

    *calling sounds*


    “Hey dad how’s mom?”

    “BANDIT! IT’S YOU! Please tell me you’re coming back”

    “No way! Jersey’s great. I got a job at the old Barnes and Nobles and I have an apartment and I actually have friends here dad.”

    “But Bandit you need to come home you’re mother’s been worried sick.”

    “Well let me talk to her, I’ll tell her I’m ohkay and are Uncle Mikey and Aunt Alicia there?”

    “Bandy.......they’re at the record release party.”

    “Record release party? What do you mean dad?”

    “Well The Bandits got a record deal and Cherry and Lily are releasing the record today. Everyone went besides me. And Bandit I have to tell you about Violet.”

    “What about her dad?”

    “Well she’s in the hospital. Attempted suicide. She did it a few days ago, she should be out soon.......”

    As dad said those words anything else he said didn’t matter and he just faded out. Violet my best friend back in LA tried to kill herself. Was it because of me? Did I leave her with nothing and let her get kicked out of the band? Oh god I needed to get back. I needed to talk to Vi. I needed to now.
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    You were told yesterday not to double post, yet you just did. If you need to add something to the thread and you were the last comment, you are supposed to use the 'Edit' button, not make a new comment. If it happens again, your thread will be locked.

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    I'm sorry it's been a while since I've been posting. It won't happen again.
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    Chapter 9

    Violet. How could this happen to Violet? She was my best friend. I can’t believe I let this happen. Now I can’t even go visit her. I had no money. As it was I was kinda of living on the cusp at this point. Sure I got enough for rent and stuff by working but there was no way I had enough to afford to go back and if I asked mom and dad for money they’d just keep me home forever. I just had to play the waiting game at this point. I had to wait for Violet to get out of the hospital and to call her. I had to call her. If I didn’t who knows what’s gonna happen.

    But I couldn’t linger on these thoughts of Violet anymore. I had work. At least Patrick was there I could talk to him about it and after work chances are that Kevin was going to notice I was down. He was good at noticing those kinds of things.

    “Hey! How are ya H?” Patrick always called me H.

    “I’m fine Pat.”

    “Hmmmmm....what’s wrong?”

    “Nothing Pat, I just called my parents before I came to work and found out things.”

    “So what’s the bad news then?”

    “Who said I had bad news?”

    “Helena,” Patrick grabbed my shoulders as he said these next words and he almost made me melt, “I know when somethings wrong with you Helena. You get all quiet and stuff. Now tell Patrick what happened.”

    And then I told him how one of my old friends back home (to him my home was Wisconsin) just tried to commit suicide. When I told Patrick that he hugged me really tight and told me everything would be okay. Then the best thing ever happened.

    “Listen I’m here whenever you need me Helena.....And I know this might be bad timing but I was wondering if you wanted to go see a movie or something after work or whenever.”

    “Yeah sure, that would be great. Let’s go tomorrow after work.”

    And just like that I had a date with my dream guy. I couldn’t wait till tomorrow. I couldn’t wait till we could be together watching a movie. It would be the perfect thing to pass the time till Violet got out of the hospital and I could call her.

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