A Bandit on The Run

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    Title: A Bandit on The Run

    Rating: 15 (language)

    Main Characters: Bandit Lee Way, Cherry and Lilly Iero, The rest of the Way and Iero families, Blake, Patrick, Kevin(made up characters)

    Summary: Bandit grows tired of LA and "moves" to New Jersey.

    Disclaimer: None of these events happen as most of the characters are children still, and i don't want them to happen either. This story is purely fictional. Oh and this is my first fic so please give me as much constructive criticism as possible to make it better.

    Genre: Drama, Romance

    Chapter Index:
    Chapter One- page one
    Chapter Two- page two
    Chapter Three- page three
    Chapter Four- page three
    Chapter Five-page three
    Chapter Six-page four
    Chapter Seven-page four
    Chapter Eight-page four
    Chapter Nine-page four
    Chapter Ten-page five
    Chapter Eleven-page five
    Chapter Twelve-page five
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    Chapter One:

    “Honey! Bandit’s home from band practice with the twins!” my mom yelled down the stairs to dad. He was always in the basement these days, ever since the band broke up a few years back he’s been way to focused on his comics to even pay attention to “The Bandits”, that was my band. The twins made that name, they made everything happen since everything was run by “majority rule”. I was getting sick of that, sure their excuse was “Our dad never had the limelight! You dad did! Stop trying to take that from us!” Most of our fights started like this, they were just so bitchy! I always told myself “At least you have the band name Bandit” but that would get me nowhere! They would still be the show stealers, at least my dad tried to be fair and share the fame with Uncle Mike, Ray and Frank! I don’t even know why they were mad about their dad not being as famous, he was probably second famous and he was one of the best guitarists I’ve ever seen.

    “Hey, Bandy, Cherry, Lily, how was practice?” Dad looked like he’d been down in that basement for months. I guess we all expected him to look like that though, the band was over now and he could focus on his second passion and mom did too, they were both artists until they died, whether they made sound art or visual art.

    “It was great daddy, we wrote a new song at Starbucks.”

    “Great! Why don’t you tell me all about it at dinner? Hey Cherry, Lil, why don’t you stay, we’re having some great fish tacos, fish is vegetarian right?”

    As we ate, I knew I would never tell my dad or mom what really went on behind the scenes. Let’s face it, would you tell your parents about your two band mates being bitches when they both never had any trouble with their bands? I don’t think so. This was just something I had to deal with for now, eventually our band would take off and we’ll be famous and then it won’t matter.

    The Bandits will be big and I’ll get the recognition I want. I promised mom and dad and even Frank that The Bandits would work to get fame, not just use our parents’ fame. Now if only Cherry and Lily would keep that promise and work.
  3. I. Fudging. Love. This.

    Love the first chap. and your idea seems to be the best ever. Can't wait for more!

    BTW--First Reader (woot-woot)
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    Great to know you like it! I have a couple of more chapters written and I have off of school this week so expect updates!
  5. -Woot woot- for no school!
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    I like this a lot. More soon please?
  7. MyStarsShineDarkly

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    This seems really good-never thought of Bandit and Cherry and Lily making a band, sounds great. More soon?
  8. JillGeeRAWRd

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    Yay for spring breaks!!! Aha.
    And this seems really cool.
    #1 fanspot?
  9. GlowMidnight

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    This is really awesome, and unique :) can't wait to read more of it.
  10. Kira

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    This sounds good!!!!!!!! :D
    Number TWO fanspot please? >_>
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    Chapter Two:

    Uncle Frankie came to pick up the twins after dinner. It always boggled my mind how they could be his daughters. He was so fair, so driven, so focused, so nice, and so fun but Cherry and Lily were lazy and were mean a lot of the time to Violet and me. They always told Violet in the fights that the only reason why we ever put her in the band is that we needed a lead guitarist and that she was easy to get since her dad was just a phone call away. They were so mean to her. They embodied everything about LA that I hated. All the meanness, teasing, laughing and taunts that I got all through middle and high school were somehow because of them.

    Uncle Frank broke all my thinking about Cherry and Lil by making all his usual jokes about the world and he even made fun of dad a little bit.

    “All those kids used to write about us “getting it in” but I really don’t know how your mom even deals with him Bandit. He’s so goddamn sassy! There’s no way I would be in love with this guy. Lyn, how’d you deal with him all these years?”

    “With some aspirin and good humor Frank, Aspirin and humor.”

    We all laughed at how Frank always made fun of those “Ferard” s, Cher and Lil didn't though. All that joking and everything was just secondary to them, they didn’t even care that they had one of the coolest dads ever! Frank was like my funny dad and dad was my mentor and inspired me. I would kill to have either of them as my dad and I already did have one of them as my dad! Cherry and Lil didn’t even care about either of them, they just stood around talking about nonsense. Sometimes it just got to me how much they take all of this for granted, if dad and Frank were in their situation they wouldn’t, I know that for a fact.

    “So how are The Bandits?”

    “Oh we’re great Uncle Frank. Y’know we’re just writing music and what not.”

    “Sounds like me and your dad and Mikes when we were starting, speaking of Mikey, where’d you lock him up Gee?”
    “Oh Frank, he’s just on vacation with Alicia.”

    “Really? Why didn’t he tell me? Where’d they go to?”

    They went off to the second best place on Earth to Mike and dad, England. They always said it was their favorite but to tell you the truth, I could tell that they missed New Jersey and that they thought it was the best. It’s not like they could help it though, Jersey was their home state and Belleville was their home town. They spent the amount of years I’ve spent here in LA over there, how could they not think it was the best place ever? I wish I had all those years in Jersey, they made it seem like heaven on Earth with a backbone to boot, I had to go there one day.
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    Thanks for all the support everybody and sorry this took almost an entire day, I'll post more frequently starting tomorrow.
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    Love the update! :]
  14. Headshot.

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    Wow I really like this! Its so creative! And I like the fact that Cherry and Lily are bitches. 'Perfect' charecters get so boring.
  15. ToTheEnd<3MCR

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    Luv it! I live in Jersey and some parts are hell but others are really nice. I live in a friendly township so she would be happier in the area I live in.
  16. talasachips

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    I know, I live in Jersey too and a lot of my family lives in Newark so I know the hellish parts but I live in a nice suburb so it's better here than where they live and where the boys grew up.
  17. ToTheEnd<3MCR

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    Cool! My grandfather's family lived in Belleville like Gerard and Mikey and right now I live in Lawrence. Princeton and Hopewell is also very friendly and Ewing is not. When I went to catholic school most of the kids in my class were from Ewing because they didn't want to end up in Ewing High.
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    Wow Ewing must be really bad. I really don't know that part of Jersey though. I live up near New York, in Lodi (home of The Misfits and it was mentioned in LOTMS) which is a good town and all the surrounding towns are just little suburbs mostly.
  19. ToTheEnd<3MCR

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    Ewing isn't too bad the school district is but some of the houses are really nice but the good houses are borderline Lawrence and Princeton. My dad lives up there in Sea Bright. He's in the coast guard.
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    It's kinda the same with my school district, my mom actually wanted to move so i wouldn't have to go to the high school but i convinced her to stay so i would be with my friends cause there's no way i could make friends in a new school. And my uncle used to live in Sea Bright but he moved and isn't the coast guard like part of the army?

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