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    XD he needs to be with FRANK XD
    p yeah im a new reader btw
  2. x°TrustMe°x

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    Sid > *takes the bunny; hugs him (YAY a Gee Bunny!)* thanks ;)
    Emilly > I hate maths! someone had to pay in my fic! lol
    Lucie > haha who knows? but I doubt she's gonna say "oh, I'm sorry - am I interrupting something? okay, I'm gonna let you tow finished!" looooool may I remember you they're in the staff room? (a weird place for making out but pretty exciting too, in my mind)
    Chemical > woot woot for my new reader *gives you a cookie*!
    Sofie > take a cookie too, you deserve it for being my new reader :) haha, idk, I'm not for happy ending...but again, who knows.

    Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noel and Bonne Année to everyone! :clap:
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    *joins in chanting but adds another word*

    please say the teacher is nice...
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    I HATE MATH TO!!!!!! :clap::smartass::eek:fftopic:
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    *new reader*

    thats one daamn lucky maths teacher =d

    love the fic. WRITE MORE SOON! pretty please? =)

  7. x°TrustMe°x

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    Yay new reader!
    Here it is guys, but I made it short on purpose. The end tonight ^^

    Chapter height : second (and last) part. [I'm so dirty babe...]

    «*What about this week end?*», was whispering Frank Iero in a grin. He was staring at Gerard like a child stare his Christmas presents when he knows he can't have it now.
    Gee closed his closet and looked at him, amused by the little flamme of lust who was burning in his eyes. He was about to answer when Mikey and Ray come in, arguing about who was the best between Superman and Batman.
    «*Batman can't even fly, dumbass, he's just a rich man!*» was saying Mikey. «*Superman's a real superhero.*»
    «*Batman is a citizen who cares about the others, not some extraterrest who uses his powers to become a hero! What dyou think Gerard?*» asked Ray.
    Gee, who was concentrated on Frank's tongue who was delicately playing with his lip ring, answer a vague «*yeah...*» before saying to Frank «*what about now?*»
    A large smile illuminated Frank's face. He left them without a word, and Gee followed him quickly.
    They had turned the corner before Ray and Mikey could exchange a look.
    «*What the hell...*», said Ray.
    Mikey shook his head.

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    oo YUM XD
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    this is still brilliant.
    i love Gerard being distracted by Frank's lipring-licking.

    c'est le fin?! tu vas ecrire LE FIN ce soir?!?!
    jespere quee i read wrong eh?
  11. x°TrustMe°x

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    muahaha I'm evil *smile evily* I knew that you pervets were going to cry if I stop before the sex scenes!! Okay I4m going to update tonight anyways, but there's Aladdin on tv and that's my fav Disney, so yeah, I would take my time.

    ooooo t'es trop mignone! tu m'as manquée aussi, t'était ou?! non c'est pas la fin ce soir, je voulais dire la fin du chapitre!!
    Joyeux noel a toi aussi! (heeeeyyy t'as pas mis que tu faisait partie de la frenchie crew dans ta signature :( )
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    hehaheha *smiles evily aswell*

    update soon yay!
  13. x°TrustMe°x

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    Finally! I made it! My damned computer bugged again but, finally, here it is. Enjoy it guys, it's your Chirstmas present :)

    Gee had barrely turned the corner that Frank was grabbing him by his tee shirt. Students who were there could've belief that they're about to fight, but even if so : whatever, it was just two emo kids. Frank was a bit popular but not that much, so, who cares?
    Plus, luckily, the corridors were almost empty; teenagers had run away from school to enjoy the nice weather in the high school park. Frank pushed Gee against the wall without stopping to stare at him in the eyes - this unique look turned Gee on so hard it was difficult not to jump on him. Frank finally found the button of the door (without looking at the sign which were proclaming «*staff room*» in a tone you could easily qualify as authoritary), and pushed again Gee inside, before slapping it brutaly.
    They're breathing heavily. They looked at each other a minute in silence, feeling their hearts beating so fast, and suddenly, it was like someone had allowed them to do it.
    They kissed; brutaly first, and then it was soft and sweet. The dance of their tongues were nice and tasty; Frank's hands were running into Gee's long black hair, while Way was carressing tenderly Iero's white skin under his tee shirt.
    He placked Frank against the coffee machine and pressed his hips on his'. Iero let a moan of pleasure out and kissed Gee's neck; he felt him shudder at this contact, smiled at this idea and played with his tongue on this soft skin. He shuddered more.
    Gee could smelled this intense parfum of leather and flowers...It was so good to have the right to touch him again...As he was thinking of how much he did care about this guy, Frank took his tee shirt off and looked at him. This simple look meant a lot of things : were they about to do more than making out when they could? Were they a couple? Were they in love?

    Gerard looked at him intensly, trying to figured out his feelings. He tought about his laugh, the way he was always bitting his lip ring, the way he was calling him Gee...And he tought about how girls were looking at him sometimes.
    Definitively, he was in love.

    He almost jumped on Frank and started to untie his belt. They weren't playing a game anymore; he could felt it. Something had change between us; Frank by his meaningful look and by his action; Gee, by the fact that he had took conscience of his feelings.
    The jean was now unzipped; Gee put his hand in and started to caress Frank's hard member. Iero closed his eyes while Gerard continued his gest faster and faster, kissing in the same time his lover's neck.
    As Frankies was moaning louder and louder, unable to keep his feelings for himself, the door suddenly opened. Gerard took reluctanly his hand out of Frank's pants and watched his maths teacher trying to analyse the situation.
    Weirdly, he smiled; he felt like he could read in her mind.
    « Were they actually making out IN the staff room?! ».
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    BUSTED! HAHA BEST Chirstmas present EVER!
  15. </3sofie</3

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    omg that was WOW
    hahaa in the staff room XD
  16. CrAzY

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    I agree with Sofie and Jess!
  17. x°TrustMe°x

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    Hey guys!!! I'm gonna update soon but first I had to tell someone who can understand : I got THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY for Christmas!!!!!!!! :D XD
    can't believe it, it didn't came out in France (SUX) but my sister had it on the internet *run in her room in circles and screams YAY*
    I got the three one. they f**king rox my sox. I wish Gerard hadn't drawn it but the story's SO good!! (and gabriel ba is so talented too)

    I know it's kinda off topic, but yeah, does anyone knows what's kind of illness had Frank?

    Merry Christmas again to everybody, love <3

    Okay here's the update. The second part is pretty dark, it almost broke my heart to write it, but I hope you'll enjoy it anyway.

    Chapter nine : But this time, I mean it... / As snow falls on desert sky until the end of everything.

    We were caught by Mrs. Parkinston right in the middle of one of our little making out sessions! And it wasn't like she seeing us kissing in a corridor, we're in the staff room, my hand so deeply in Frank's pants that there was no way she couldn't get the situation. I couldn't help but smilling at her face; she was in shocked : how dare we?
    Frank, on the other hand, was partaged. I think he was partly horrified she had figured out he was making out with a guy (and that she would certainly punish us til the rest of the year for that), but I could see on his face he was also frustated and disapointed we couldn't get further. (And so did I)
    He zipped his jean again, tied his belt, put his tee shirt on, and get his pretty hair back on there right place, while I was trying to convinced Mrs. Parkinston it wasn't that bad, that we would never do that again, and that yeah, we shouldn't have. Nevertheless, I felt like she was more embarassed by the situation that we were. She vaguely said something like « you guys are in big trouble », but it was heartless. If she had found out about a straight couple, I think her reaction would've been way worst, but in that case she was simply embarassed.
    Frank and I profited of it to get out of here without anything more than a couple of hours in detention.
    « Should we repport that tonight? » he asked, that dirty little flamme of lust I loved so much in his eyes.
    « At my place. 8.00 p.m. Be on time, babe, or I'll have to rapt you. », I answered, smilling.
    « What about Eliza? Aren't you supposed to see her? »
    He saw my smile fall on my face. I was avoiding Eliza since weeks now, and she's not the kind of girl who's letting her boyfriend leave her (specially for another guy). I didn't have bravery enough to break up, and he knew it...And it was killing me.
    « Hey...That's okay, sweetheart. Everything's gonna be okay. » he told me, putting his arms around me. There were students staring at us, but he didn't care. He was always so sweet to me. « We'll fix it tonight », he said again mysteriously, leaving me to go to his class room.
    What was he talking about?


    Mikey Way was walking toughtlessly to get back home. Alicia has been sick and he had spent the whole day listening what his teachers were trying well, to teach them, instead of staring dreamily at Alicia as he did everytime she was there. It was unusual, and so he was moody and tired.

    That's why he didn't heard the stepfoot behind him.

    Someone held him by the arms, so he couldn't move anymore; he had an instant of pure panic and surprise : he couldn't see any of them (cause they were at least two, he could hear their breathes). And then he recognised a voice.
    «*What's up, Mickey Mouse?*» said Sean Williams in a menacing whisper.
    The joke was facing him; now that his fellow could handle their victim, so that Mikey couldn't move to defend himself, it was easy.
    Mikey wasn't actually effraid of Sean. Williams was stronger than him, but he was taller and quickier. But this time, Tyan was holding him firmly, and there was no way he could leave. Nevertheless, he couldn't help but saying :
    «*What dyou want, Williams? Don't you get sick of being a total dick?*». Sean slapped him in the face, and Mikey felt immediately the blood in his mouth. The sound of the slap had made people staring at us, so Sean ordered at Tyan to put him in a dark alley between two buildings.
    «*My house is just at two blocks from here*» thought Mikey confusely. He tried to get desperately out of Tyan's arms, but he was too strong, and all he made was getting hold way stronger. In the middle of the street, he had a chance to runaway, or to make someone telling the jokes to leave him alone, but in that dark alley... Why the hell couldn't he shut his mouth sometimes?
    «*You don't have a clue why you are here, right?*» asked almost innocently Sean.
    Mikey was burning to tell him that it was because he was a coward too effraid to attack someone alone, loyaly, but he didn't want to end at the hospital. He had already saw Sean broking a kid arm because he had laughed a bit too loud around him.
    He simply shook his head. That was right; Sean didn't like him because he was a Way, but he never did something more than calling him a freak.
    «*Gerard Way.*» he said. «*Your dear brother.*»

    And he started to punsh him in the stomack, in the knicles, while Tyan was almost breaking his arm. It hurted like hell, and he felt the tears running on his cheeks. He fall on his knees, Tyan unable to keep him straight. Sean shoot his feet on Mikey's face, and he felt his nose breaking. He inspired a lot of air and expired a long cry of pain. It was so hurting that he made a brutal movement with his arm; Tyan didn't expect it, and let it go for a moment. Mikey profited of this liberty to catch Sean's tee shirt and to made him fell. He managed to punsh him in the face, before Williams screamed «*Hold him!!!*» to Tyan. And so Lavigne did; Mikey was too weak to stop him.
    Sean's lip was barrely bleeding, but the fact that his victim could've touched him were enough.
    He hit and hit again, breathing heavily, until he couldn't feel his arm anymore.
    «*Tell*», he said while hitting, «*your*» (Mikey's eye was completely closed), «*f**king*» (he broke Mikey's teeth), «*guy lover*» (he punshed him in the stomach), «*brother*» (Mikey's ear started to bleed) «*that*», (he took Mikey by the hair and look at him maddly), «*he has to meet me at midnight, in the Park. We have something to fix.*» He smiled, his eyes shinning with pure haine, and whispered in Mikey's ear, as if I didn't want Lavigne to hear : «*If he doesn't come, I'm gonna hurt everyone you two care about. Starting with your witch, hm, what's her name? Oh yeah, Alicia.*»
    He made a sign to Tyan, who finnaly let Mikey go. Way fall on the ground, the last word resonning in his head.
    Tyan and Sean laughed and left the alley.
    Mikey fall into the darkness.
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    New chapter.

    Chapter ten : In the middle of a gun fight they said « come with your hands rise up! »

    7.30 p.m. Frank Iero was staring at the kitchen clock every minutes since 6.00. Tonight was the night he was waiting for since he started to feel something for Gee. And obviously, it seemed that time had stop its course - but now, that was it, he had to leave his house to get at Way's.
    «*What's going on Frankie?*» asked Mrs. Iero. «*You're watching this clock since you came back from school.*» she answered back to his confused look. «*Are you gonna be at home tonight?*»
    «*Hm, huh, no, I'm gonna sleep over at a friend's.*»
    «*What's her name?*» his mom asked, smiling.
    «*No, mom, I'm really gonna...at Mikey's...yeah, nevermind.*», he gave up. What would she say if she knew that he had a boyfriend?
    «*But do really I?*» he can't help but thinking. Gerard was still with Eliza, officially, and didn't really talk about breaking up. He remembered the last time he had seen them together, few weeks ago, after the very day they had almost kissed. Eliza was kissing him so furiously it was surprising she hadn't eaten his mouth. She had put her leg around with obscenely - they were making out in a corridor at school.
    Frank had felt his heart freezing, as if a very cold hand was holding it, and a pure feeling of rage and jealousy. He was disgusted. He had to stopped himself to hit her.
    But now, Gerard was actually avoiding her, and the monster in himself who wanted to hurt that witch like he never hurt anyone got calm again. Tonight was the night.
    He prepared nervously his stuff and said goodbye to his parents, put his i-pod on and started walking to Gerard's place. He lived at 15 minutes from it, but he had planned to walk slowly, to have the time to think. Listening some music was helping him to relax.
    He didn't knew why the hell he was so tense; he already had relations and everything went okay. «*But this time it's him. Gerard Way. What does that change? It changes everything.*»
    As time loves to play tricks, he ended up in front of the Way's nice house door sooner than he excepted.
    Frank cleared his throat and knocked at the door, his heart beating.

    Eliza opened it.

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    and poor mikey...
  20. x°TrustMe°x

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    Chapter ten : second (and last) part.

    «*Who is it?*» he heard Gerard's voice asking from the back.
    «*Nothing honey. Someone who's selling stuff. I'm handling it.*»
    And before Frank could realised what was going on, she closed the door behind them, and took him by the arm. « Who is it? » had asked Gerard. Had he forgotten our date? Didn't it mean something to him, was it just a way to spend time?
    «*What are you doing here, Iero? Don't you think it's enough to turn around my boyfriend when I'm not here?*», she said, grinning.
    «*He...*» his voice sounded weak and far away from him. «*He told me to come to his house. We - we're planing of watching some videos...*» he said again.
    «*Get out of here.*»
    «*What the f**k is wrong with you?! You can't treat people like poop forever, Eliza. One day he'll realise how bitchie you are, and then he'll leave you.*»
    «*And then what, he'll be your boyfriend?*» She had a meprinsing laugh. Frank was burning to tell her that they were already seeing each other (mentioning today's staff room episode would be enough to Frank's mind), but she added. «*You didn't get me - I'm not the one who want you to get outta here. Well, I want that too, but the idea's not mine. Gerard asked me to tell you that your little date was gone.*»
    «*You're lying. He would have tell me.*» answered Frank. But something seemed to block his throat as he was saying that. A part of him couldn't believe it - a rational part, the one which was screaming « She's lying!!! He would have open the door! He wouldn't have said 'who is it?' ! ».
    But a very different part of him was saying calmly « You know she's right. He hadn't stop dating Eliza. He hadn't said he loves you. He simply doesn't care about you ».
    He felt a little part of his heart breaking; that was so painful...
    «*I got to see him.*»
    «*No, you don't. Why would you want to see yourself rejected? It would be more painful. You're obviously in love with him, but he doesn't, Frank. I swear to you.*» she said with a note of pity in the voice. She smiled and put her hand on his shoulder, as if she knew how he was feeling.
    This contact made Frank shudder. If she hadn't done that movement, he would have gave up and come back home.
    But he had to see it by himself.

    He avoided her and ran through the door.
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